Cannot type capital X

Thinkpad T440s, I cannot type capital X on my keyboard. The key itself works. Caps lock also appears to get stuck oddly. I used showkey on another tty and the results are same. It did not catch any stuck keys (no non-user inputs). I booted an older version from USB and it’s the same result, indicating a hardware issue.
Yet, I can still type lower case x, so the button itself works. Confusion of the highest orda. What could be done in such a scenario?

What do you think/expect the forum can contribute towards a solutions which do not involve

  • keyboard cleaning
  • external keyboard
  • new hardware

You’ve somehow used X twice in this thread, once in the title and once in the post…

So you can type other capital letters?

What do you get instead of X?

Nice of you to show us the output. :grin:

I prefer the output from evtest, it’s verbose but it’s easier to make sense of (and copy). It also works in a few cases where showkey doesn’t.

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I’m posting this from another machine. I can type x and I can use shift to type all other capital letters. If I do shift+x, I get nothing. If the x key simply didn’t work at all then it would be the case of keyboard replacement but the key alone works, that’s what’s so mind boggling.
I will try evtest, thanks.

Then I suggest you check your keyboard shortcuts, you could have something bound to Shift + X. Though that shouldn’t be the case with a live USB.

Does caps lock work at all?
Are you using X11 or Wayland?
What’s your keyboard setup like, ie which layouts and options do you use?

It could be hardware, but it mostly sounds like it could be software/configuration (with the exception of the live USB test). To know for sure, we need to see what is (or isn’t) being received. The (relevant) output from evtest or xev -event keyboard will tell us that.