Cannot take screenshots


I am unable to take screenshots on Manjaro Sway. If I ress PrtSc, I get the prompt in my waybar but if I hit ‘P’, for example, it doesn’t give me the ability to select a region. The other options do nothing as well. I tried installing flameshot but it also does not work. I am not sure exactly when this started but it has been months.

Thank you

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Unfortunately I don’t have any experience with Sway but I’ve added the tag for you and moved it to the “Software and Applications” category in the hope it will get more attention.

Are grimshot and swappy installed? Are you on x86 or ARM?

Swappy is installed, grimshot is not. I am not sure grimshot ever was installed but I have installed it now with AUR (not found with pacman). I can take a screenshot with grim via the command line now so that’s good. Swappy still isn’t working ie. PrtSc not working.

I am on x86.

Oh boy. That doesn’t sound like the Manjaro sway repo is active. There is an explanation how to do that:

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This is something that is normally done manually in addition to installing Manjaro?

I suspected the same, was thinking to add it to my previous post but wasn’t sure.

No, but perhaps you overwrote it during a pacman update?