Cannot set a new printer in cups interface or hp-setup

i’m from germany and say to you,sorry for my bad english.

I came from 1&1 Internet and changed yesterday to vodafone-cable internet.
The new Router is an Wifi-6 station.
So, i had an fritzbox 7490,and now no need for telephone cable because of new Internet.
I deinstalled cups,gutenprint and Manjaro-printer,because,i thought,it can solve my problem.
Printer ist an all-in-one HP Color Laser MFP 178nwg.
If i try to set an new print in localhost:631 so the error-log message from /var/log/cups/error-log:
Der Drucker ist derzeit nicht erreichbar.
HPC01803AB178C_HP_Color_Laser_MFP_178_179: Unable to connect to HPC01803AB178C.local:631: Connection timed out

To say to you,how do i did that in localhost:
login and “Drucker hinzufügen”
Then there are many possibilities.
I took Gefundene Netzwerkdrucker: HPC01803AB178C (HP Color Laser MFP 178 179) (HP Color Laser MFP 178nw)
when i tokk this and go to “weiter” then i shall type a connection like http://hostname:631 and so on.
I dont know whick hostname, so i did
when i make a test-print,there gives me: Drucker ist zur Zeit nicht verfügbar.

So i gave up.
Then i tried hp-setup, no chance!!
Setup-device–> Network/Ethernet/Wireless → error says: HPLIP cannot detect printers in your network…
his may be due to existing firewall settings blocking the required ports. When you are in a trusted network environment, you may open the ports for network services like mdns and slp in the firewall. For detailed steps follow the link.

So,what i do need to solve this problem?

Hi @Gast123,

I’m no expert, and doubt if I could tell you anything useful. But I can and do recommend you check this:

There’s also

Hope this helps!

i know this website,but cannot solve it. to complicated.
hm, i must give up yet…

Can you check your PC and Printer IP addresses?
If you have setup any of them manually, with the change of your modem/router there can be differences than before.

the new Router cannot tell me 2 ip-numbers,so i dont know,what is it.
when i check it with sudo nmap -sP
so there are 2 iIPs with unknown goal.
So i think one of both ip numbers is the printer,but cannot connect it

Pull up your routers web interface - it will tell you the IP of all connected devices.
There you can also configure whether the connected devices are allowed to see and talk to each other or not.
It seems silly, but that is a feature in some routers.

Yeah i know, but the printer is not listed by the router… it seems to be unknown

And… i have an synology server, this is not listed too by the router

Arrgh ,
i found the solution by the router.
Setting in HTTPS over LAN was off and i switched it to ON.
Then cups Web interface could find the correct driver and now its running!!

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