Cannot select i3 session on GDM login screen

I have been struggling for several weeks trying to figure out why I don’t get a proper GDM login screen. The screen that comes up only allows the two users to log into Gnome. I3 is installed but there is no option to boot into it. Nor is there any option to boot into a TTY.

This is a fresh Manjaro install. Although it is my first time with Manjaro, I have done linux installs numerous times, including Arch-based distros. I don’t ever remember GDM being this hard. I think I have read most, if not all, of the GDM posts here and on the Arch wiki. I have also been googling GDM articles from around the web. Frustration abounds however.

/usr/share/xsessions has .desktop files for gnome-classic, gnome desktop, gnome-xorg-desktop, i3, and i3-with-shmlog.

/usr/share/gdm/greeter/dconf/defaults appears to have numerous non-alphanumeric characters. In my experience this is supposed to be a pure text file.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. And Happy New Year!

Sounds just like gdm? I don’t remember it having any option to boot to tty, you already have Getty for that.

There should be a small gear icon in the bottom right corner. That’s where you can change the session you boot into.

Thank you for reminding me about Getty. I’ll look into it.

WRT the original issue, there is no icon of any sort anywhere on the screen. Only our two names.

Icon should be visible after you click one of the names.

You are absolutely correct. I’m embarrassed that I was so unobservant.

Problem solved. Thank you very much.

Glad that the issue was resolved :blush:

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