Cannot receive sms in chats after latest major update

sending sms works fine. phone calls are also fine.

Can’t reproduce on unstable branch. What branch are you on?

I think i installed the stable release around december 2021(beta 20) and have been using pamac GUI(Add/Remove Software) for updates. do you suggest trying a fresh install? or is their a way to debug the current situation?

There should be no need to reinstall Phosh. Try a mirror refresh from terminal and update with -Syyuu … A second reboot did not helped after the update?

I did that now. it says ‘there is nothing to do’. I’ve done many reboots since the update.

One of the issues i found about it seems to mention it was addressed some time ago

Since i can’t reproduce on my end, even tho is unstable branch. probably related with the carrier ?
Maybe fill up an issue with more details on gitlab, so someone will take a closer look.

I had more time to test this. I installed several versions of archlinux phosh, they all had the same problem. I then installed the original manjaro phosh image that I installed the first time, still the same problem. This basically rules out software bug as a cause. Its probably either carrier or hardware problem, and since my country (Iran) has some requirements that all phones should be registered and I think my phone would be considered not registered, I think this is probably a carrier problem as @bogdancovaciu guessed.