Cannot receive calls on my Pinephone

Good morning.
I am writing here to report a problem with the mobile connection of my Pinephone with Manjaro Plasma (testing branch).
Today, having realized that I’ve never tried to receive phone calls on my smartphone, I decided to call myself with my home phone, and although I can call other people without any problem, my number is always “Off or not reachable”.
It would also seem that once the Wi-Fi is turned off, the phone is unable to connect to the 4G network.
How can I solve this problem? Is there at least a log I can use to see if there are connectivity issues?
Thank you in advance for your help.

After some research I was able to figure out that the modem was not properly registered with the operator.
To fix it, it was enough to run the ofonoctl operators command and wait. Once the scan was finished, the system connected to the mobile network (Vodafone) and calls arrive correctly (more or less, as sometimes the phone doesn’t ring).

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