Cannot print: cfFilterchain ghostscript exited with no errors

after running the latest update, I can no longer print. I get the error in the subject of the post and then “waiting for printer to become available” I haven’t changed anything other than running updates.

EDIT: This actually happened to my work computer as well, with the update previous to the latest update. But I figured it was an issue with the driver for the new label printer I had picked up, however now that it’s happening on my home computer with a printer that was previously working… clearly it’s a Manjaro issue.

EDIT: Further info… I am able to print to a printer over the network. Both printers that I’m having issues with are connected via USB. The network printer throws the same ghostscript error, but does print.

OK THEN… I got it to print with some turning off and turning back on… I truly have no idea what’s going on here. I will leave topic open for a little while to see if anyone has insight, as I still have that label printer at work that does not print.

Same … but kinda reverse.

Networked printer suddenly broke, readding and rebooting didnt help.

Wired (dymo) label printer works fine.

no ideas yet :worried:

Some goodness then. No such luck here. I guess Ill pull the power a few more times.