Cannot play dvd

I wanted to play a dvd video on my manjaro computer, so i installed vlc but got some problems. An error message. I looked around, and managed to install libdvdcss, but now vlc crashes instead. How can i play the video, if i do not want to buy more hardware (such as a dvd player). Both vlc and the rest of the computer correctly identify the dvd.

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I think i said what is needed. I installed vlc and tried to play a dvd, got an error. Installed libdvdcss, vlc crashed. I think no one needs more info.

We don’t.

you need to be member of the group “optical” if you wanna access video-dvd’s with vlc and similar apps. run the following command in a terminal and change USER to your username.
you have to log out and log in again before taking effect of it.

 gpasswd -a USER optical

if you wanna play dvd’s that use a copy-protection some more libs must be install. run the following in a terminal to install them

pacman -S libdvdread libdvdcss libdvdnav

sorry (it’s the german wiki)

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What is the error message?