Cannot paste file into a partition directory


I’m unable to copy file from home directory to the partition directory. The error displayed is as follows:

Error opening file "/run/media/user/Archive/movie.mp4"

Read-only file system. Do you want to skip it?

It only works when I copy and paste the file into a directory in the same partition.

It’s been fine for months but then I may have deleted some configuration files which I don’t remember what. Can anyone please guide me to fix this?

You might need to be more explicit about what you are moving to and from.

But it looks like it could be either a permissions issue or, in the case of windoze, it was not shut down all the way (disable ‘fast start’).


cscs is right you really need to post where you are copying from aka what file system you are copying from. I’m assuming user/Archive/ are folders you created, if so maybe you just need to restore your permissions recursively for them.

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