Cannot open Spectacle after update Plasma 6 Wayland Session

I can’t open Spectacle after update Plasma 6

Error: Launching Spectacle (Failed)

remote peer disconnected

I have exactly the same error, I am using nvidia 2060 GPU.

I can’t make a new post, so I edited this one.

I did as cscs recommend, and it did not work. For now, I am using flameshot, which can be installed from the official repositories

Was desktop refresh performed?

And since nvidia…

Do you have kms?
What about the extra options suggested for nvidia+wayland?

Pretty much that is nvidia_drm.fbdev=1 if v.545 or newer.
And nvidia_drm.modeset=1 if older than v.545

at least I know I’m not the only one who has this problem :confused:

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I had that same issue early in my testing of plasma 6.

It is your local configuration.

The cure is what everyone else has said - here and otherwise - Plasma 6 requires a complete reset of the plasma related items in the user profile.

.cache, .config and .local - with an emphasis on .cache - remove the folder - it will be recreated.