Cannot open global menu with Alt for some applications

Hello, fellow manjarians! I’m facing an issue with the Window AppMenu Applet and I’m hoping someone could at least point me in the right direction. The menu should open when pressing the Alt key by default, which works for most system applications, while not for others. On those applications the only way to open the appmenu is by mouse clicking, which is simply inconvenient.

I’m using the newest Latte-dock (0.10.8) where I harbour the AppMenu widget and I’m on the newest stable Manjaro with kernel 5.17. I also tried the Global Menu widget with identical results. Issue has been constant ever since I started using the widget, a few (up to five) stable Manjaro updates ago.

Is this behaviour expected or am I just missing some package? I have all the required packages of the applet-window-appmenu that are listed in its repo, except the KDecoration2 (I could find only kdecoration, which I already have).

Applications with working appmenu: Dolphin, System Settings, Kate, qBittorrent
Applications with not working appmenu: System Monitor, VS Code, Discord, Skype, Trezor Suite

VS Code further info
I have the following options set and holding the Alt key only underlines first letters of the menu entries:
“window.titleBarStyle”: “native”
“window.customMenuBarAltFocus”: true
“window.menuBarVisibility”: “toggle”
“window.enableMenuBarMnemonics”: true