Cannot mix incompatible Qt library

Just some note about Qt5 issue.

After this upgrade, some program (copyq) does not work.
Error is something like that.

Cannot mix incompatible Qt library (5.15.9) with this library (5.15.10)

Moreover load-average becomes large.
Some of bash processes consume CPU seriously, but I can not specify the process.
I confirm logs using journalctl and find that it some of qt5-libraries (qt5-base?) may cause these issue.

I run following, then these issues hae gone.

yay -S --rebuild qt5-styleplugins

After Qt5 upgrade, above command seems to be needed.
I do not the reason…

If this is not popular, I hope you may add this to known issues, and that can help others.

Reference page (written in Japanese)

AUR packages needing a rebuild with current libraries is expected and not an ‘issue’.

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