Cannot mix incompatible Qt library (5.15.3) with this version (5.15.2)

Hi, I received a large update this morning, including an update to Qt5, and now RSS Guard and JetBrains Toolbox won’t run due to an incompatible Qt library error. I’m on the testing branch, if that helps.

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sudo pacman-mirrors -f 5 
sudo pacman -S qt5
sudo pacman -Syyu

Edit - Also rebuild qt5-styleplugins package if you are experiencing this issue with any AUR package:

pamac build qt5-styleplugins

On onstable branch - I only had one issue with the sddm greeter - a deprecated definition.

Using Toolbox as well - on a LXQt/kwin combo.

Qt 5.15.3 still breaks all my Qt apps, and now it’s hit the stable branch :frowning:

Update: Okay, so it turns out the problem was that I needed to force rebuild my AUR Qt apps, especially qt5-styleplugins.

$ pacman -S qt5
:: There are 41 members in group qt5:
:: Repository extra
   1) pyside2  2) qt5-3d  3) qt5-base  4) qt5-charts  5) qt5-connectivity  6) qt5-datavis3d  7) qt5-declarative  8) qt5-doc  9) qt5-examples
   10) qt5-gamepad  11) qt5-graphicaleffects  12) qt5-imageformats  13) qt5-location  14) qt5-lottie  15) qt5-multimedia  16) qt5-networkauth
   17) qt5-purchasing  18) qt5-quick3d  19) qt5-quickcontrols  20) qt5-quickcontrols2  21) qt5-quicktimeline  22) qt5-remoteobjects  23) qt5-script
   24) qt5-scxml  25) qt5-sensors  26) qt5-serialbus  27) qt5-serialport  28) qt5-speech  29) qt5-svg  30) qt5-tools  31) qt5-translations
   32) qt5-virtualkeyboard  33) qt5-wayland  34) qt5-webchannel  35) qt5-webengine  36) qt5-webglplugin  37) qt5-websockets  38) qt5-webview
   39) qt5-x11extras  40) qt5-xmlpatterns
:: Repository community
   41) qt5-virtualkeyboard-bigscreen

shows me some packages I do not have installed. None of those is installed from AUR (I checked via pacman -Qqm). Is it possible to filter this list by only packages from AUR?
I mean, I know I do not have to do anything now but still that would be helpful for the next time a lib is updated and AUR packages need rebuilding.
Would pacman -Qqm | xargs pamac build --no-confirm be a good start (to rebuild everything)?

Sorry, I am newbie with Manjaro.

Do you have any AUR packages installed? My problem was that I needed to reinstall the AUR packages I had and that fixed it, without reinstalling Qt. Especially check if you have qt5-styleplugins installed, that was the big problem for me.

Will not work for me.

pamac build qt5-styleplugins

leads to:

** (pamac:4994): CRITICAL **: 23:27:42.732: pamac_transaction_clone_build_files_if_needed: assertion 'pkgname != NULL' failed

then it hangs …

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