Cannot login before wifi connects

Hi all,

first time I post here.

I am on Manjaro Gnome, the system is up to date as of 2021-04-21.

Since I first installed the OS I noticed that the system does not allow me to perform a GUI log in (the interface is frozen) until a wifi connection has been established. The same occurs even when the systems wakes from sleep mode.

It’s nothing terrible, but it is annoying, since the process can take 10-20 seconds, depending on the considered wifi.

The issue occurs of course only if a know wifi is detected: when a visit a new location an no wifi is known, I can login much faster.

It sounds like something that should be configurable, but I haven’t found hints about where to look, even after extensive Googling.

Thanks in advance,


I have also got an issue with wifi. My screen gets stuck on the window to select wifi and I cannot cancel out of the screen in gnome. This happened after update.

I always have to reboot to get back and so I always have to open settings to select wifi.