Cannot log in, no screens found after 2021-11-19 Stable Update

I can’t login any more after I update and reboot.

It looks like you can get to TTY now which is good, but I will leave the boot guide just in case.
Now please provide more information.

I can’t log in, so I am not able to connect to internet to paste tty out put into pastebin, is there any way ?

Likely you can use nmcli to manage your connection.

Hi, now I did boot into live manjaro evn,
I try manjaro-chroot -a
But it’s saying can’t find a grub drive for /dev/sdb1

Your chroot did succeeded.
At least it looks like that to me.
The errors are just telling you that no /dev/sdbx exists - which is true.
Your device is /dev/nvme0n1p2

Hello @quakestring :wink:

First thing I would do is disabling the service, which failed here somehow.

  1. Boot Live ISO
  2. Chroot like you have done before.
  3. Run:
    systemctl disable nmbd.service
    systemctl disable smbd.service
  4. exit

Then you should at least be able to start a normal session after reboot.

Then investigations are needed what exactly failed here.