Cannot lock the laptop with Super + L in GNOME after installing GNOME besides KDE

I had Manjaro with KDE and I chose to install GNOME too. If I log into GNOME, the Super + L key shortcut does nothing although it is set as a keyboard shortcut. What can I do to make this work? It is still ssdm, not gdm. gdm seems to be broken. It does not start well as a service, it is “dead” as is the gdm-plymouth service. I also think I’ve tried rebooting. Because in KDE Super + L does not work for some reason about which I thought it was justified so I set up in KDE a key shortcut for CTRL + ALT + L to lock the laptop.

When I run xdg-screensaver lock & xset dpms force off from the terminal the laptop is not sending signal to the monitor until I start moving the mouse, but after that the laptop is still unlocked, so what command should I put in this „Comandă” (Command) field?:

Captură de ecran de la 2021-06-13 14-26-50

Also, how can I make the icons in the system tray show up? Like Flameshot or Skype.

Update 1: I log in selecting “GNOME”, simply GNOME, from ssdm.


You can’t have two Display Managers and login greeters run simultaneously, nor their services, hence, if you want gdm you have to disable and remove sddm, then enable gdm.

Where did you set that?
All the shortcuts in Gnome are defined in Settings > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts

And if you want to change those, that is where you set them up. From your screenshots it seems you want to create a custom command that can be invoked with custom shortcut …

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Hello @silviubogan :wink:

It is a bad idea having 2 DEs on the same user account because some configs will alway bite each other. Use different acounts for each DE.

However, @bogdancovaciu said everything what is necessary :slight_smile:

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As you can see in the bottom of the window there is that message saying Super+L is already set to Screen blocking:

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I’ll try to disable ssdm.


I disabled sddm.service, enabled gdm-plymouth.service, and Super+L works very well!

Thanks again @bogdancovaciu !

@megavolt I think that for my usage it is good to use the same account because, most probably, I will open just GNOME from now on. Given this argument, is the need for a separate user necessary? I am thinking about time constraints.

I am waiting GNOME 40 with great enthusiasm. :slight_smile:

If you can live with and resolve unforeseen side effects, there is nothing wrong with it. I speak rather from experience, because it can come to that or better it will come to that.


I use it on unstable, so you can change to it too if you want … Still prefer KDE Plasma in some regards, but yeah, Gnome came a long way with changes that for some users are not quite there, but i think is on the right track.

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