Cannot link to Logitech M590 mouse

Can find its Bluetooth signal, but it says “The settings of M585/590 has failed” (connected but not paired). It can use if I stuck in the USB Bluetooth device.

On the other hand, M330 works smoothly.


I use the same tool and I see this problem before. Reboot and use your mouse on the other USB port. Is the problem to always here, try your mouse on the other computer for test. Often, is a problem with a software of the mouse. In general, the upgrade to be quickly.

cannot understand what you mean.

are you a non-English speaker using a translate app?

Is strange :roll_eyes: :slightly_smiling_face: because, I use the english to learning on the school! I using a translate app.

If the problem persists, turn off the computer then change the USB key ports. Then restart the pc. This is the situation when the mouse software has not been updated.,_M590,_anywhere_mouse_2,_etc)

Use this.

But I cannot change the settings of the two buttons on the left side.

I’ve never used it, but piper (GitHub - libratbag/piper: GTK application to configure gaming devices) might work for programming the side buttons - the M590 is listed as supported.

It’s in the repos.

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