Cannot install linux

I cant install the os because i only have one usb be port and all of them is broken and one is not if i take off the usb port it
will just crash i dont have a bluetooth mouse either And i tried using tab and enter and it
doesnt work.

Do you have a CD/DVD drive?

There’s a few guides around on the Web on how to install via ssh but it means having access to another pc

Well - to me all that what you said is a bit unclear.


Do you have at least one working USB port?
Or do you not have working USB?

I cannot figure out what that actually means.

Perhaps you can clarify?

Think he’s saying he uses usb for keyboard/mouse so can’t plugin a USB flash drive at the same time

… that could be the case - and would make the situation a bit tricky

Look if you can borrow a USB hub from someone or buy one for cheap on AliExpress.

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A usb hub helps

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