Cannot import ZFS 0.8.5 zpool at boot after upgrade to zfs-utils 2.0.0+

Thought I would try posting again in a different forum hopefully this gets some more traction. I have now again tried the latest zfs-utils and zfsdkms (2.0.3) and the problem is still present. bootloader boots, asks for my luks decryption key, then tries to import the root zpool and the kernel panics, saving no valid zpool is found.

Interestingly enough, my manjaro usb disk has zfs 2.0.0 and I am able to manually unlock the luks device and import the zpool without problem. So something must have changed with the initrd boot hooks or something. Im just not that familiar with the whole process and havent been able to find a solution yet despite many hours of trying.

BTW, can someone at least confirm is manjaro uses the archzfs PKGBUILDs or if they have their own? thanks

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