Cannot execute commands in terminal

I cannot execute any commands whenever i type anything it just goes in to the next line.

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Do you have any other terminals installed? If so run gnome-terminal from it and see if any error messages come up.

i have “kitty” terminal but it has the same issue. actually it was a problem it installed “kitty” and tried removing the manjaro and the color bar from the terminal. i tried reversing it but still nothing

doesn’t work. i didnt even have “konsole”. only “gnome-terminal” or something like that. already remove “kitty”. tried reinstalling terminal. didn’t work.

Use a graphical editor and open the file ~/.zshrc and look for things.

i see the file but there isn’t much to look for. what am i supposed to look for exactly?

nvm. this helped

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I use bash, not zsh but I think an easy command should be something like

PROMPT='%n@%m:~%# '

Placed in your ~/.zshrc file. Incase it ever happens again lol

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