Cannot drag/drop tabs in Chrome 97

It seems I can’t drag/drop tabs in the latest update of Chrome 97.0 from from Jan5 '22
Instead it forms a new window that hovers above the one I want to attach it to. Timeshift back to 96 restores function. Isolated update breaks it.


Does this occur with hardware acceleration disabled?

It’s a known issue: Issue 1279532: Can’t attach tab to window or move tab window horizontaly

However, I can neither reproduce it with chromium 97.0.4692.71-1 nor google-chrome 97.0.4692.71-1.

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same issue in chromium. this version is in both testing and unstable branch :point_down:

same issue in here too. both chromium and google-chrome

downgrade to the previous version till the issue is fixed:

 sudo pacman -U

Downgrading to Google Chrome 96 is certainly not advisable, since a total of 37 security holes were closed with version 97. Why not just use good old Firefox until the bug is fixed?

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Possibly with KDE?

I can confirm this only happens on KDE. On Gnome the browser works fine.

I’m getting the same issue in Kubuntu.

Also it’s gotten easier to accidentally drag a tab off the current window onto a branch new one, unwantingly.

Same issue with any chromium based browser in KDE. I’m using Garuda and have had the issue with Edge, Chromium, Google Chrome, and Brave. Firefox works fine for me.

Looks like it was patched in GNOME as it appears in Ubuntu on the Chromium bug report linked above

issue applies only to kwin and mutter window managers on X11, others are supposedly unaffected, the patch is ready. dont know to which version it will be patched onto.

as this usually goes, arch will probably backport it onto the current release of chromium, if immediate release with fix is not scheduled

EDIT: looks like the merge is officially approved for 98 only

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Same issue with i3 gabs on both Chrome and Chromium.

This also happens for me
Thank goodness its not a edge case which only happens for me.

Vivaldi has no issue, because it has own GUI not like Chromium. But it is based on Chromium too.

This issue is already fixed on the snapshot version of chromium

Vivaldi has no issue not because of its own GUI but because it still hasn’t been updated. Chrome 97 is release from a week ago maybe, so none of other chromium based (i.e. Opera, Edge) have this problem either (yet).

But Vivaldi’s tabs look completely different from Chromium’s tabs which can not. That means, it does not use or removes Chromium’s GUI, but it uses web technology inside Chromium version 96, not GUI.

The issue has been solved in today’s Beta update 98.0.4758.54