Cannot downgrade Kodi to 18.9

Am running Kodi 19 (Matrix) using the kodi-x11 package, but it is incompatible with my main video add-ons. Doesn’t look like this will change for a while from some online research.

Have tried to downgrade using the downgrade tool.

Example: sudo DOWNGRADE_FROM_ALA=1 downgrade kodi-x11

This doesn’t work because kodi-x11 version 18.9 installs, but Kodi still runs as version 19.

I’ve noticed the kodi-common dependency stays at version 19.06, and there is no option as per the above method to downgrade it to anything below 19.06. I also don’t have the older package file for kodi-common in `/var/cache/pacman/pkg to do an offline/local install from. I can’t find version 18.9 of that package (for Arch/Manjaro) online anywhere either.

Looks like I will need a copy of kodi-common-18.9-3-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst, or there will will simply be no way to downgrade…

Here you have old Kodi packages for Arch, choose what you need:[]=kodi&sin=

Another new update from pvr.iptvsimple came in yesterday. When I started Kodi 19, I got a message, that some of my video apps are compatible and can be updated. That was not the case before yesterday! If you use pvr iptvsimple, please try it out. Good luck .

Thanks Tomek. Unfortunately your link only gives me versions 19.06 and 19.09 for the kodi-common package. I managed to download a package called “kodi” from somewhere else along with kodi-x11 (both the 18.9 version), and then install as follows:

$doas pacman -U kodi-18.9-3-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst kodi-x11-18.9-3-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst

The kodi-18.9-3-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst I found is about the same size as kodi-common-19.0.6 x86_64.pkg.tar.zst, and seems to work as an equivalent “co-dependency” for the install, but the Video add-ons in question still aren’t working. This also leaves kodi-common uninstalled, which is needed as a dependency for kodi-addon-pvr-iptvsimple for example.

Manfrago: pvr iptvsimple seems to work OK with kodi 19.06, now at least. Unfortunately, as I more or less explain above, kodi-addon-pvr-iptvsimple (AUR) depends on kodi-common in part so I’m now stuck with kodi 19.06 or later to be able to use it…

I have almost the same problem as you, mjp-u5er - the Kodi update broke the emby for kodi addon. Except I did manage to downgrade to 19.8-3 from the packages in /var/cache/pacman/pkg, except for kodi-common, which was v19.06, as you’ve noted. Same with the archive.

Even if I try to install kodi-common v19, I get 50 pages of errors similar to, ‘kodi-common: /usr/share/kodi/system/shaders/output_d3d.fx exists in filesystem (owned by kodi)’ - but it’s 5000 different things, not just output_d3d.fx

I do have kodi running, and it mostly works. But I’m left unable to queue tv shows or movies, shuffle play, and I see things like all my movies and tv are missing their info - no cast, directors, recommended similar, etc.

Emby for Kodi team already said that they don’t expect a v19 compatible version out for maybe a year.

@yeahgreen Did you read latest update #announcements for your branch before updating?

You can down grade by rooting the firmware.