Cannot connect with usb-modem for error "QMI protocol error (17): 'MissingArgument''"

I have a huawei usb-modem working fine until some weeks ago.

Bus 001 Device 014: ID 12d1:140c Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. E180v
idVendor           0x12d1 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
iConfiguration          1 Huawei   Configuration

If I try to connect with modemmanager I get the error

Modem must be enabled to connect to internet. Please enable modem

And if I try to enable it nothing happens.

If I try to connect using mmcli I get this error:

mmcli --simple-connect="pin=0000,apn=tim" -m 0

error: couldn't connect the modem: 'GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.libqmi.Error.Protocol.MissingArgument: Couldn't register for power indications: QMI protocol error (17): 'MissingArgument''

This is my computer

Kernel: 6.1.0-1-MANJARO arch: x86_64 bits: 64 Desktop: GNOME v: 43.1
Distro: Manjaro Linux
Type: Convertible System: TECLAST product: F5 v: N/A
Mobo: TECLAST model: F5 serial: UEFI: TECLAST
v: tPAD3.02 date: 04/25/2021
Info: quad core model: Intel Celeron N4100 bits: 64 type: MCP cache:
L2: 4 MiB
Speed (MHz): avg: 1034 min/max: 800/2400 cores: 1: 1543 2: 800 3: 996
4: 800

I think this is self explanatory. How do you enable it?

Does it have a physical button to enable/disable the modem?

I have never enabled the modem before.

No, the modem does not have any physical button.

My Thinkpad laptop has a Sierra WWAN card - it must enabled before I can use it.

The laptop has a hardware button - a function key to enable/disable the WWAN card physically - but then in modem manager gui - the modem has to be enabled as well.

Often a similar situation with USB modem because they have two functions - one as a ro storage for drivers - usually Windows - and the modem. You often need modem manager to be able to set the correct mode.

Modem has been supported by the kernel for ages.

I don’t know - the modem doesn’t just stop working - that is unless it’s broken - is your system up-to-date?

sudo pacman -Syu

I have anything on the usb stick.

I think it is:

pacman -Si modemmanager  1 ✘  
Repository : extra
Nome : modemmanager
Versione : 1.20.2-1

The problem in my ideas is in the error for the QMI protocol: I cannot find anything in the internet.

I think the problem is in modem-manager, I will try to open a bug report in the git repository.

If you think it is modem manager - you could check if you have a previous version

ls /var/cache/pacman/pkg/modem*

Then use pacman -U to downgrade your current package

Before error reporting - look at the optiona deps - as I understand the modem shows up as storage

My version of modemmanager is identical to yours (unstable branch) - my modem is not USB based thus doesn’t need to switch between storage and modem.

 $ pacman -Si modemmanager
Repository      : extra
Name            : modemmanager
Version         : 1.20.2-1
Description     : Mobile broadband modem management service
Optional Deps   : usb_modeswitch: install if your modem shows up as a storage drive

Assuming your system is up-to-date

sudo pacman -S usb_modeswitch