Cannot Connect to VS Code Marketplace

I’m not sure whether some latest manjaro updates have caused this but I cannot connect to the Extension Marketplace anymore from VS Code as of a week ago. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Is this some network settings issue in Vs Code I need to fix or is Microsoft blocking this?

Fixed it by following the instructions here: Connections to marketplace · Issue #418 · VSCodium/vscodium · GitHub

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And you can do a forum search, it has been already discussed.


What I did is download the tarbal from vscode website.
once the repo updates version to 1.59 you could switch back.

One thing to notice is that the program you have it’s not VS Code. It’s probably OS Code, that can be found in Manjaro’s repos (There is also VSCodium that can be found in AUR). There is a difference, in the same sense that Chromium is not Google Chrome.

“Official” VS Code can be installed from AUR (en) - visual-studio-code-bin