Cannot connect to SONY WH-1000XM3 headphone

the settings of WH-1000XM3 has failed


Is true that our main goal in this forum is to provide as much technical assistance we can. A reason why we created the Languages category is for those that have particular requests in their language to be able to do so. Is your language among them? Please use it if is there and the only information you provide is just a screenshot like you provided.

Making a request in the main English support forum, should at least imply that the exchanged information to be in English, just for the mutual courtesy among members of the forum.

Your screenshot is in a language that not all of us can recognize, nor read, and is not due to lack of respect, nor ignorance, but simply not all of us speak 100 languages, and nobody, including you, should not expect we do learn about them. Hope this does not come too strong.

Yes, we could visually associate the interface from Bluetooth connection, track a similar error, but that is not the way to approach things. That is why we have specified how information should be provided:

Back to topic, read this, and let us know what you tried so far:
And the last one, yes, is in French language

I’m stupid, I didn’t realize the headset was not in pairing mode when it’s just on. I had to press the power button for ~7 seconds.

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So, my first link to the arch linux forum helped. Great. Glad you managed to sort things out :slight_smile:

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