Cannot connect to nextcloud server on my pc client

I am unable to acess the nextcloud server using the nextcloud client on the desktop. It shows an erro message “proxy connection refused” but I am not using a proxy…what can it be?
I can access my server on the pinephone with the same nextcloud desktop client.

VPN can cause the same message.

Now I am just guessing: It could also be a simultanous connection to the same resource using the same credentials - then the server rejects the second to avoid datacorruption.

I am not using a VPN,

and I connected to the pinephone around 2 days after trying on the pc. I tried on an android phone and it connects normally, only on the pc I get this error and it never connects.

I tried turning off the firewall, but it did not work either.

I just check the config file of the nextcloud client, it was set with proxy port 9050, not sure, why, I simply installed the program and did nothing else. I delete the proxy setting and now it works!

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