Cannot connect to "Deutsche Bahn" Wifi


I recently have the issue that I cannot connect to the WiFi in German trains using manjaro. I am using the latest version of manjaro KDE.
However it is working with Fedora (Gnome).

Any ideas how to solve it?

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We’d need to know what your system uses first.

Do you run Docker? Apparently, they distribute IPs via DHCP in the same subnet as docker’s default subnet.

You could either stop docker for this time or modify docker’s configuration that it uses a different subnet.

Some furter info that may be useful.
I’m connected to such a network right now.
Im in an ICE at the moment while writing this.
My default gateway is
Same for DNS.
Current IP is
I don’t know whether that would conflict with Docker.

The IP subnet is exactly what docker is using as default.
I know that at least a few years ago, this was the problem for me.

Edit: Well, it starts with 172.16… but if you have more docker networks, the second number increases.

Just had the same issue and resolved it by deleting the docker network that uses the subnet mentioned above. What I did:

  1. Find out which docker network occupies the subnet with
    $docker network ls
    $docker network inspect <network name>

  2. Next disconnect all active connections in this network using
    $docker container ls
    $docker disconnect <network name> <container name>

  3. Last step is to delete the network
    $docker network rm <network name>

After a reconnect WIFIonICE worked for me.

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