Cannot click anywhere after login (stuck in login screen and can't click anywhere after entering password)

the login screen is shown normally as my theme however after I enter my password, it does not show anything and can’t do anything. It does not redirect me to the desktop or anywhere. the only thing it shows is the cursor and the freeze login screen. and the only thing I can do is ctrl+alt+f2 to get to terminal screen and nothing else I can do. may I know how to fix this?

the terminal works as terminal
however when I type kstart5 it says: could not connect to display … … … could not load Qt platform “xcb” even though it was found … …

  • just to make it clear: I am new, so not much debugging so far I could understand on how to provide detail information.

Hi! What happens if you CTR+ALT+F2 and then CTRL+ALT+F1?

ctrl+alt+f2 bring the terminal. ctrl+alt+f1 bring back the freeze screen

Ok, then login the terminal and get the content of:
inxi -Fazy
journalctl -p3 -b
cat /var/log/xorg.0.log

Post those contents here.

Im sorry sir I have made another user account from terminal and able to login just fine from the new user to the DE, and since that I change the privilege of the new user as the admin. after that deleted the old user which causes the freeze screen (I deleted it while marking keep the file). so yeah I have to start all my config back from beginning. and I don’t know where is the old user config is saved.

so for your command to ask me, should I still do it for you from this new user in just in case you want to debug? or no?

Im sorry for my terrible language. let me know if you need to ask me anything

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Well, forget about the commands I asked.

As for the old user config, it lies in /home/<user-name> (that is, if you haven’t deleted the profile).

alright, thank you

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