Cannot boot to rescue mode [SOLVED]

Hello. Since updating yesterday i am not able to login in my system. I followed the information provided on the known issues at the Stable Update section (appending after the linux line, in the boot options). When rebooting i get an error message saying “Cannot open access to console, the root account is locked”. Anyone else had this issue? Is there a solution? (i searched for similar issues but i couldn’t find something). I’m a basic user and do not know how to proceed.
Thanks in advance

EDIT: I was able to resolve the issue following this guide and assigning a new password. Thank you @cfinnberg for pointing out the problem

This seems to be related to root account not having a defined password. Is this your case? Anyway, better to use the Manjaro installation media to chroot to your system. Do you need instructions?

This happens when your root account does not have a password set.

We are also missing some important information, why do you need to get into rescue mode in the first place? You said you are “not able to login in my system”, why not?

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As i understood, it is an issue with PAM and PAMBASE mentioned here.
After the update, i couldn’t login.
It is a known issue, but following the solution instructions provided led to my case.

Thanks very much for the reply.
If there is a guide on how to reset the password i would greatly appreciate it.

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