Cannot boot into manjaro using refind and secure boot

Hi everyone,

For some reason today I tried to update my nvidia drivers and voila all my kernels were erased. I was able to install some kernels using my manjaro usb. However, I think I messed up my beautiful configuration to boot manjaro using secure-boot. Since then I deactivated secure-boot and I tried to do the installation of refind from zero. I’m following these steps to do that. Obviously to do it from zero I have uninstalled refind and I have erased the efi entries using efibootmgr. I have also erased the MOK enrolled keys using mokutil. Despite doing everything from zero. I keep receiving the MOK screen asking to enroll the keys (even when they are already enrolled, lol). If I try to boot directly from manjaro I get the red square saying Secure Boot violation. Invalid signature. It’s non-sense and I don’t know what else to do.

Just in case: I have fixed the hyperlink to the right forum post URL.