Cannot boot into Manjaro due to recent package installment/update

Hi. I’m having an issue where I cannot boot Manjaro. My issue is that I previously had folding@home and wanted my NVIDIA gpu to take part but failed, so when I go into my computer it would say:

“[FAILED] Failed to start Folding@home helper for NVIDIA GPUs.”

At this point my computer would skip this and continue.

After a while I deleted folding at homw however it still comes up.

I recently decided I wanted to get an ethereum wallet for my desktop so I went to check the official repository and found Etherwall. I proceeded to download the package and with whatever it came with.

It required a restart. I restarted and now the error message pops up BUT I cannot continue and I’m desperate for some guidance as I’ve been trying to find a solution. I cannot go back to a previous version of manjaro either. I simply want to remove the Etherwall package and whatever came with it.

Now this COULD be related to the recent manjaro update which I held off but I did not know about the consequences of said nvidia gpus (I just saw the announcement on the forum) If this is related please do provide a solution if there is one already out there. Thank you so much for your time, it’s really appreciated.

P.S. if I try 5.9 it just fails to start load kernel modules.