Cannot boot after disk space error during update

I ran a system update but faced an disk space error before ending. Since that, I cannot boot into my Manjaro, neither one of my btrfs-snapshots. In the past those snapshots saved my life couple of times but this time all 5.10 related snapshots are gone, only old 5.6 and 5.7 snapshots were shown.

The failure shown from grub is:
error: file /@/boot/vmlinux-5.10-x86_64 not found,
error: you need to load the kernel first.
Press any key to continoue…

So, for me it looks like BTRFS root is not mounted at this time but why and how can I manually do so to rescue some data? Unfortunately I also have encrypt my disk what may make my rescue task even worse.

I’d appreciate any tipp or solution plan!

Br Daniel

Perhaps you can find a way to a solution after studying this thread where this post was made:

Will Manjaro make BTRFS Default? - #23 by cryptocurious

I have NO experience with btrfs - but, from reading that, running out of space can be a very serious issue that is hard to recover from.

Thanks @Nachlese ,
I know about the space topic and BTRFS as I regularly ran into this the last years - but snapshots always helped me out. This time, everything is different as the snaps were missing and so I think the BTRFS is not mounted.

Does somebody know how to access the BTRFS subs via live-image to rescue some data?

I was not able to fix the problem of missing vmlinux but I could access my data via live-image-system. With disk utility, I was able to decrypt the luks partition and navigate into the subvolumes to copy my data.

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