Cannot add Pamac to favorites

After the update to Gnome 3.38 Add to favorites option of Pamac-gtk on dash-to-dock & dash-to-panel doesn’t seem to work. Is this an upstream issue considering 3.38 is relatively new?

(I think pamac-manager.desktop was changed to org.manjaro.pamac.manager.desktop)

I should add that it is still possible to add Pamac to favorites using dconf-editor or from right click menu on main applications area.

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Same problem here.
Furthermore I am able to add other programs to the dash as favorite. - Except Pamac.
Sorry, I wanted to upload a screenshot here for better understanding, but I am not able to do.
Hope for help

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Thank you for reporting. Not sure what might be causing the issue, as it works like it used to on unstable.

I’ve had the same issue ever since 3.38.0 rolled out on unstable, myself.

Same issue here on both dash to dock and dash to panel.

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In the Manjaro Layout, i search for Add/Remove Software and i can add it to Favorites. Then i switch to another Layout and is still there. Works from other layouts too. It opens but has “another instance” tho


Same problem here with the dash to panel extension.

I can only add Pamac from the menu. But when I press on it it opens another instonace like Bogdan said.

And that another instance you can not add as favorites.

As others have mentioned, this method will lead to “opening as another instance”.

What I did to temporarily overcome this issue is the following:

  1. Copy the file org.manjaro.pamac.manager.desktop from /usr/share/applications.

  2. Paste the file in ~/.local/share/applications.

  3. Open the copied file using a text editor and add this line at the end.


  1. Save the file and retry to add to favorites on dash-to-dock or dash-to-panel.

Yeah, it works!
Thank you!

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