Cannot access storage file (as uid:65534, gid:992)

I want to use a qcow file on an ext4 partition but I can’t due to access problems.

Cannot access storage file ‘/run/media/xxxx/NVMe Daten ext4/Virtuelle Maschinen/win10.qcow2’ (as uid:65534, gid:992): Keine Berechtigung

Can someon pls help me to resolve this issue?!
I’ve tried severel chown/group/user/id/libvirtd config changes for hours now without resolving this issue.

It does run flawlessly only when creating a new storage file in the default dir /var/lib/libvirt/images/

Thanks god after doing more (and different research) I found a solution:

Check /etc/libvirt/qemu.conf for options “user” and “group”.

Thanks, I changed user to myusername and groups to “users” and it worked.

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