Can zsh be uninstalled completely?

Manjaro KDE use zsh by default in konsole, and in konsole, there is a profile for zsh, which can’t be deleted. So can zsh be uninstalled completely?

Yes, it can be, but you better make sure first that you create an additional Konsole profile that invokes bash.

The profiles that can’t be deleted are only read-only because they are root-owned, and pacman does itself run with root privileges when installing/uninstalling, so it is capable of deleting those profiles.


Log when uninstalling zsh

could not satisfy dependencies:
- remove zsh breaks dependency `zsh` required by manjaro-kde-settings
- remove zsh breaks dependency `zsh>=4.3.9` required by zsh-syntax-highlighting

Been watching this thread with interest…, as it may apply to other packages. I believe, all things zsh-related can not removed at this time. I suppose a user could prevent the installation of zsh files via pacman.conf NoExtract, but would this break an application that doesn’t check if a file exists before trying to use it. I’ve used this method for locales and fonts. But sometimes it is easier to leave things as the distro-deems, but change the configuration.

Some of the details.

You can always see dependency information prior to a remove with any of the following commands:

pacman -Sii zsh # -S in repository

pacman -Qii zsh # -Q installed

pactree -r zsh

It looks like all dependencies are zsh related, so they could probably be removed. The only one I’d question is manjaro-kde-settings. You can see the files that manjaro-kde-settings provides with:

pacman -Ql manjaro-kde-settings

I have the mlocate package installed, so I can run updatedb and find files with the locate command. It can be run manually, but there is also a systemd timer. I also run pacman -Fy whenever I do an upgrade. This updates db.files in /var/lib/pacman/sync. You can search for package owners with pacman -Fx .

There are a number of files under /usr/share/zsh

pacman -Qo /usr/share/zsh

locate zsh

pacman -Fx /usr/share/zsh/

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