Can you suggest a cloud storage services that work well with both Linux Manjaro and MacOSX?

I use Manjaro at home and MacOSX at work. works with everything

Thanks. Does it allow automatic synching to or from remote places?

I think so - just build and install the client using AUR - but remember that traffic is limited on the free plan

I took a peek at the download page for linux where I was asked for the distro Mega will be used with, no Manjaro in the dropdown list, the closest one being Arch Linux. Is that what Manjaro users should choose?

I just noticed that you installed through AUR. Is the AUR version equivalent to the free plan and thus is there a possibility to upgrade to their paid plans?

No - AUR is the Arch User Repo and contains buildscripts for various software.

I didn’t know that Mega had created a package for arch - so I suggested to build from AUR.

The package is called megasync which compiles on your system or megasync-bin which is a precompiled binary.

When I referred to the free plan I was referring to the most basic account on Mega.

If you choose to sign up - give me credit or I can add you use my contact link!nBkWlZJZ

Hi, I have chosen to sign up for their free plan yesterday to evaluate its seamlessness with Manjaro. So I tried to install megasync from source. I have installed all dependencies successfully except one, libpdfium, which failed because of an issue with libicuuc, a dependency of libpdfium. I have posted the error in libpdfium’s AUR page and still wait for the devs’ response.
By the way, how do I give your credit, I followed the link you give but it only brings me to MEGA’s homepage.

You can check this one also. I use it from a while and is working on many OS platforms.

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