Can you add Armadito Anti-Virus package to repositories

This is a fresh new open source anti virus for Linux with on-demand and on-access scanner.
It also features a Web-GUI.
Tried to compile from source but was unsuccessful. Would love to have someone iron the problems out for Manjaro and include pre-compiled packages to ease the installation. Would also be happy with an install script that works.

Are you speaking about the one with seemingly no activity since least 2018 – no Twitter activity since 2017 ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Lol, yes actually. At least git let me compile it properly but it does not work. It’s sad. Maybe someone will pick it up. Linux is entering the desktop market and it would help to have a nice gui and on access scanning. Thank you, you certainly made me understand the scope of the problem.

You don’t need antivirus for Manjaro.

The best usecase for a virus scanner on a *nix based system - is when the system is hosting a mail delivery service - supplying mails to Windows clients - otherwise antivirus is not required - that is - unless the user is acting completely irresponsibly and moreover is stupidly running everything as root - but then that user is asking for trouble.

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Look, the problem in my case was Wine. It ran the initial malware. The malware came from torrents. I learned the hard way. Big mistake.

Ahh - yes that is possible - but again unless the malware is a scripting based malware - which requires a scripting host - within a document - and the environment is setup to allow document scripting - it will have a hard time executing it’s purpose.

Even so it will - by the *nix design - be restricted to the users home - yet assuming the user is not neglecting security. Even if it was able to execute - you can rid yourself by creating a new user and removing the old user’s folder - simple as that - again assuming the user did not run anything malware related as root.

Any malware relies on a user which is neglecting security … one way or another.

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Thank you. Very interesting. What about email attachments opened by word processors executing macro scripts. And in such a case it would be a scripting based malware.

Then again you would have to lower the security settings in LibreOffice or what ever package you are using - default they don’t allow macro’s to be run - and at least LibreOffice will display a message if the document is trying to run macro’s when it is not enabled.



You better come up with realtime examples that antivirus is inevitable on Linux and that malware infection is not caused by user neglance.

Fixed. :wink:
PS : Since you asked.

@yanpro The point is that Linux is more secure by design:

  • threats that would be executed automatically on Windows – for convenience :nauseated_face: – are not in Linux
  • program installation rely mainly on the distribution’s repositories rather than random installers from the Internet
  • clear separation on system files – which require superuser privileges to edit – and user files

Then, as @linux-aarhus stated, it’s mostly about the user security hygiene:

  • not open random attachments
  • not install/execute random programs, from random sources, moreover as superuser
  • etc …

If you do need an antivirus, AFAIK there isn’t much choice available, and i don’t know how reliable/efficient they are.

  • ClamAV is the most well know as FOSS
  • i regularly hear about Sophos

No. The project seems abandoned and even they never released any binaries.

Arguing about whether antivirus is needed or not is off-topic. Take it to the #member-hub or PM.