Can we install garuda theme in gnome?

i want file minimize animation from Garuda Linux

Well if it is on Gnome there, you should be able to save/export the setting implement it elsewhere, on the condition all the dependencies are, indeed, installed.

Note: I don’t use Gnome, so I can give you no further helps than this.


i am not getting ??

You would have to extract whatever settings applied in Garuda and apply it similarly to your Manjaro install.

There is no recipe for doing so - you will have to figure it out by yourself - the easier method is to install Garuda.


If you can find the animation and/or its settings on Garuda, you should be able to use it anywhere the same version of Gnome is to bee found.

Okay will try…

I’ll try to explain it to you in a close situation, below is Manjaro LXQt:

But I copy some optimizations made by Bruno Gonçalves from BigLinux

Then I clone the folder, see what asks for his settings and open my Manjaro terminal and satisfy the necessary dependencies for example, I make a copy of:

Then I install smplayer, and it will have the optimizations made by BIGBRUNO

T+ = See you later