Can we get a libxfce4ui update?

so version 4.18.6 is out for over a month but it’s still not available in Manjaro. I checked the recent testing and unstable update threads, but it seems only major software like Firefox is listed there, not all little libraries. Just for clarification, I thought we get the latest packages after a two week testing period? I’m really waiting for this since there’s this annoying bug: Global keyboard shortcuts involving Numpad no longer working in 4.18.5 (#101) · Issues · Xfce / libxfce4ui · GitLab

It is in the unstable and testing branches, as you can see on the packages webpage (link on the left). Either wait or switch branch.

Currently Plasma 6 is blocking a snap to stable branch.

If you want to help testing the state of the system - please do so by switching to testing branch.

Plasma 6 is being blocked from snapping to Stable.
If you really want to phrase it that way.

I don’t know how to phrase it correctly :grin:

What I meant is that plasma 6 is a huge change and the way it currently works - is that is is an all or nothing when a snap is made from testing to stable.

So whether it is plasma 6 being blocked or plasma 6 is the blocking factor … :grin:

The original makes it sound as if plasma - as an entitity, or by its own nature, etc - is blocking the snap.

I only intend to convey that there is no outside force at work, but rather something betwixt the management structures aptitude and some more conservative-minded team members that have opted to not make the snap of plasma 6 to the stable branch.

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Do not want to interfere in the discussion, but…he uses xfce :slight_smile:

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I also do not understand why Xfce packages cannot be released because Plasma 6

Xfce users could switch to Testing branch; get Xfce packages updated and switch back to Stable branch

sudo pacman-mirrors --api --set-branch testing
pamac update --no-aur
sudo pacman-mirrors --api --set-branch stable
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Then they’ll all be screaming about:

WARNING: $pkg ($ver) is newer than $repo ($ver)

Only until updates are released to Stable branch

Maybe some ‘screaming’ from Xfce will get it some more attention
(The squeaky wheel gets the grease)

No recent complaints from discord users about tardy updates

[2024-04-04T16:54:39+0100] [ALPM] upgraded discord (0.0.47-1 -> 0.0.47-2)
[2024-04-09T00:14:37+0100] [ALPM] upgraded discord (0.0.47-2 -> 0.0.48-1)
[2024-04-10T02:13:49+0100] [ALPM] upgraded discord (0.0.48-1 -> 0.0.49-1)
[2024-04-16T23:48:31+0100] [ALPM] upgraded discord (0.0.49-1 -> 0.0.50-1)

Are some official DEs more equal than others?

It is mid april, too late for jokes.

plasma - as an entitity, or by its own nature,
…this was a good one.
Xfce user here!

It has been > 5 weeks since last Stable update release so no surprise that some Stable branch users will have questions about out of date packages

True and also due, manjaro’s raison d’être is (or was) based on the stable branch. Without being too much of a prophet, this is used by the vast majority of users.

Remember when Xfce was the “Flagship”?

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