Can we add a manjaro logo screen

Can we add a manjaro logo screen during boot like deepin and elementary os ? How?

The most common way is probably plymouth. (which we used to use and axed)
Or, depending on your DE or DM, they might have their own ‘splash screen’.


Thanks for replaying

Does it have a splash screen ?
Could you tell me more about plymouth

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There’s also bootsplash-systemd:

There’s plenty of themes to choose from if you search Add / Remove Software for bootsplash-theme.

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You can do it manually on any distro, but…

Since Manjaro is now a company and not just a community-toy distro, I think you guys should consider focusing on making Manjaro more appealing to the public and follow some design standards around the big ones. Ubuntu, Mint, Deepin, Elementary, Zorin all of them have it and looks very professional starting from the boot. If the user wants to see what’s showing under the animation, just press ESC and it’s done. Small details such as this makes difference. It’s time to polish Manjaro and make it look coherent as a distro to attract new people. It’s better to take time and release a well-polished product than to quickly release something rushed and poorly designed.


Manjaro Linux is still a community distro.

The Manjaro company just manages some assets regarding Manjaro, like trademark etc.


I have to disagree. I want a distro that just works and is able to be kept up to date. Installing unnecessary extra packages just to make those with a phobia of anything non Winblowz feel more at home is a complete waste! There are already way too many distros out there that try to mimic that horribly bloatware ridden excuse of an OS!

If people like the look and feel of Ubuntu/Mint, then let them use those.

Besides, on modern hardware the boot process takes mere seconds.


My general preference after setting everything up has always been basically Power(-maybe vendor/efi logo)-Black-Login. This should also have the ability to pull up Grub menu with some actions like Shift key.

A lot like this: Silent boot - ArchWiki

“Splash” things are just extra crud that slow things down in my opinion.
And vendorEFI logo at power on going then straight to login looks pretty ‘pro’ or ‘polished’ to me.

(though I suppose if you have a really long boot, as in multiple minutes, it might be somewhat disconcerting to have a black screen…)


Buuuttt, I love iiittt!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I want the same!! :smile:


Agree with @cscs

Manjaro has done enough experiments with various methods of appealing to the masses - and every single one ended with massive complaints from the community - so it is more or less a waste of time - and is only creating support topics and opinionated discussions.

The possibility exist - using either systemd-bootsplash or plymouth - but as there is so many opinions and tastes around this - it must be an enduser decision - and setting it up is a great learning experience for those that fancy it.

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Totally agreed :heart_decoration: :heart_decoration:

Respect + I think it is opinions it could be a choice during installation like choosing your office suite, also a simple option of setting a simple splash won’t be so bad and difficult :smiley: :heart:

I quite like the idea, however maybe instead of making it that way with no option to change, or adding it to calamares (which should have as little options as possible because the installation phase is always the most overwhelming to a new user) it could be an option in manjaro-settings-manager that can be easily toggled on and off. That way everyone can have their way and forum flamewars should be kept to a minimum.