Can’t play LoL, every time I enter the game and choose my hero, it asks to reconnect

Can’t play LoL at all , every time I enter the game and choose my hero, it lags and quickly asks to reconnect every time I click it, nothing changes Could someone help me to get through this problem please? I installed the game through wine and it takes 2-3 minutes to enter the game(is it the same on everyone?) I can’t post a picture so you are welcome to ask any questions. Reconnect button appears in the middle of my screen and on my right there is my account name, icon and etc. as usual

Hi @manj_newbie!
I don’t think you’ll find the help you seek for this issue in this forum, it’s a place to discuss OS related problems only…
However, I have some experience dealing with windows games on manjaro myself, so I can give you some advice.
You said you installed the games through wine, but it’s not always that simple.
Running games trough wine requires some configuration and some games don’t always work at 100%.

I don’t know if you already knew it, but there’s a program called Lutris: it’s mainly a launcher, but it lets you install all sorts of windows and non-windows games using wine, proton or other compatibility layers.
Just install it through pacman and here you’ll find the script to download for installing LoL, you just have to click install and it will open Lutris for you and guide you trough the installation and configuration of the game. Remember to read the installation notes on the website so you know what to do!
If you already installed the game using Lutris than I think you’ll have more luck on their forum. I don’t play LoL but from what I know it should run just fine on the right config.

You can reply to this post to tell me if you solved, I’ll be glad to know it!
Best of luck