Can’t find my home wlan on the listed wifi-networks

There’s a couple networks showing up but none of them my own one, it’s virgin media if that’s any help, I’m pretty new to Linux and before I installed manjaro I wanted to test to see if everything worked and it looks like wifi could be an issue , if any extra info is needed such as inxi just let me know and I will edit this post and include it

If other wifi-networks show up, this is proof that wifi works :wink: (at least in basic)

Probably your router provide 5GHz and your Wifi-Device doesn’t support it (or maybe the encryption method.)

What is your home setup? Is the Hub(Virgin Hub) running in Wi-Fi mode or Router mode? If in Router mode then it is presumably connected by Ethernet to a standalone Routers Lan port? If the latter then the Router needs to be accessed and set-up.

Please have a look at: