Can’t find ESP flag

Hi. When I try to use the manual partition feature in the Manjaro installer I fail to find the ESP flag for the boot partition. I have read some posts for others where it is fine and others where it’s not. I just want to know if it’s fine not the add the ESP flag to the boot partition. Thanks ThommoMC

There is only to boot flags

  • boot (which refers to efi)
  • bios-boot (which refers to …)

Hi I just installed manjaro and it booted back into the USB witch means it failed to boot into the installion

You need to change the boot order in the UEFI Bios to boot into Manjaro.

Manjaro is at the top. also for some reason the Windows boot manger is still there even though I wiped windows

It was under a weird boot entry but I fixed it

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Can you post the partitioning ?

I’m having the same issue, but for me is worse, since it’s the 11th time I’m trying to install Manjaro KDE on a SSD. I just managed to “install” it now because I used gparted to add the “esp” flag, that for some odd reason they decided to remove from Calamares and it’s kinda missing, because, at least for me selecting only the “boot” flag wasn’t making it boot after install. I also noticed other issues with the Plasma ISO, so unstable and buggy, Pamac hasn’t shown any app, unable to use pacman -Syy, tons of errors, like GPGME error: No data, error: failed to update multilib, failed to synchronize all databases…

I think this “latest” ISO is buggy. I’ll try on not using “esp” through Gparted and only install as I always installed and see what happens, this time I’d it with other iso or even the “minimal” iso. I want the KDE version.

100% confirmed now. The missing esp flag is making me unable to boot Manjaro after install, it doesn`t even detect as a bootable system.

I needed to use the live-usb to access gparted and add the esp flag to the boot/efi partition, this way, it books normally however the name is not ~Manjaro~, but UEFI OS…

You guys need to fix this. All other distros are working, just Manjaro isn`t.