Can´t enter grub

I am using a phone do this will be very ackward. I am having a major problem over the last 4 days trying to get my laptop working. In my update about 4 days ago I did a reboot. My laptop did could not get into even grub.
After much trouble shooting I believe it has to do with latest nvidia updates. The only solution is to reinstall from live usb. Everything works fine except I cannot install the stuff I work with because things like glibc are too old. Yet I cannot run an update bcause nvidia gets updated and I cannot get back in after a reboot. There could be something else but nvidia is my best bet.
I can get into chroot with no trouble, but the only packages I can seem to install are the 515 versions that are giving me the trouble.
My laptop is an HP Omen with an nvidia geforce RTX GPU.I know I should have nvidia-dkms installed also but live installation didn’include it and that is also part of the problem. Believe the versions causing the trouble are 515.10? The 515.8 is fine I think. Like I said since I cannit even get into gub after an update it is really hard to give you details.

Then it has nothing to do with Nvidia.

From live USB you can always troubleshoot if it doesn’t boot.

from chroot, use TimeShift to roll back the update. That is if you have TimeShift installed and made a snapshot before update of course, which you should do now you reinstalled (don’t do the automatic one, do a snapshot once you feel it before a big update).

Do the update, provide its full output on the forum. What is blocking you from doing the updatenow? Your information is not clear.

It was my stupid fault. Have too much of a mentality that if 1 is good 20 should be great.
Had a repo (no clue which) listed taht was upgrading something it should not have. After going into chroot and downgrading from unstable to stable, I booted in fine. Cleaned out pacman.conf of much of my crud, I than upgraded back to unstable. everything is now working fine.
Thanks for your input. Gave me the path that fixed things.

PS did disable timeshift because of lack of space. Learned my leason and will be getting an external HD that will give me plenty.

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