Can removing Noto font be an issue?


Since Noto is a system font that ship with the distro, I wanted to know if uninstalling the noto-fonts and noto-fonts-compat packages could be an issue for some apps that might be configured to use it by default (or whatever other reason)?

The reason I want to remove it is that it annoys me that it has some 50+ entries in the font picker that I have to scroll through, and since I only care about rendering the Latin character set, it’s not useful to me.

This should not be major problem.

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No need to uninstall them. You can disable the visible selection of fonts via the Font Management section in System Settings, under Appearance.

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I just tried uninstalling it, and it gave me an error saying it is a dependency for matray. So thanks for this solution!

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Another possibility : [SOLVED] How to uninstall some of noto-fonts? / Applications & Desktop Environments / Arch Linux Forums

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FYI, that package was removed from the repos recently and can be removed regardless.

I did it this way:

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