Can package download count in repo be opened?

and show it in pamac
It’s useful like stars on GitHub

You can read more about pkgstats on and mind you, only covers usage numbers in percent, not download numbers. Not everybody will agree to share the information anyway in order to have correct numbers (if that was the case to be implemented at some point).
Then we can think the same for AUR or other repositories - download stats are inaccurate. It does not indicate if the user actually liked and kept the package or not. The votes for AUR packages don’t tell the story of the most popular, because not everyone votes …

In short, from what i understand, what you propose will not happen. Hopefully someone can prove me wrong.


Does the usage data means money to the maintainers?

No. Maintainers don’t get money by maintaining packages.


The download count of each package is very useful for users like github stars,
I think it’s easy to show it to the users.

Why is it useful to know that networkmanager package has been downloaded 3 million times? (number is an example).
What could the user possibly benefit from learning that information in an application that just downloads and installs the packages?

For example, vscode extension has download count, it is very useful to find the right one.
For Linux, when choosing a package among many alternatives, download count also helps.

Majority voting is not a reliable method for choosing the right thing


Atom have download counter as well, for example: I downloaded multiple syntax color schemes, and didn’t like the most popular ones. Other example, plugins for git, tested many of them, don’t use any.

Download count will only slow down Pamac without reasonable benefits. Maybe it’s cool if you like statistics, but not necessary beneficial for performance.

At least it is helpful when choosing, e.g. sort 20 alternative pakcages by download count descendingly, the better ones would like to be at the front positions.

It doesn’t need to be realtime.
Book the count is cheap.
Sort can be done in idle time.

Mind you, the most popular package isn’t necessarily the one that would suit you the most.

If your issue is that you don’t know how to choose an application, there are some relevant places that can help.



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