Can only install outdated xpra


xpra 6.0 should be available:

However, I ran
pacman -Syu
pacman -S xpra

and the only version it want to install is 4.4,5 ?

If you are using unstable branch - then you are correct.

Due to the upcoming changes, stable branch has not seen a snap since mid april

Version 6.0-1 is available in testing and unstable branch:
Manjaro is not Arch, so you should check packages of Manjaro, first.

If you want to install version 6.0 either change to testing or unstable branch or install it from AUR (not supported).

Thanks :slight_smile:

Since 13th March actually.

I only remembered 13. :grin:

A couple of issue lists blocking the snap has been marked as completed

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You are quoting Archlinux page, but you are on Manjaro, so your “should be available” assessment is a bit weird… like “X is available at Volkswagen, so should be available at Skoda.”

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