Can not transfer files to 100GB USB larger than 4gb

This is an odd one. I have Samsung USB key I had hoped to use to ferry larger files between Manjaro and Win 10 on my dual boot laptop.

Unfortunately it wont handle files larger than 4GB and tells me as much every time I try. I had read it was a limitation of FAT32 so I used gparted to format the USB to NTFS and still the problem remains.

Any ideas people (keeping in mind it has to be compatible with both OS’s)?

Are you sure you formatted it properly?
ExFat would be the preferred file system to format to have universal compatibility in my opinion.

I actually formatted it a second time just be to sure. Its showing as NTFS.

I am aware of ExFat but could not find a formatting option for it in gparted?

gnome-disk-utility does exfat.

I’ll have to spend some time figuring out how to use this. Will post again when I’ve worked it out.

Deleted the partition and recreated it as NTFS using gparted. Now its working.

Many thanks for the suggestions.

FAT32 has 4GB llimit
exFAT allows for files larger than 4GB

mkfs.exfat /dev/sdXy

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