Can not scan with my HP printer. Printing works fine

When I want to make a scan with my HP 3630 printer, HP-uiscan gives an error message: “no device connected”.

Printing works fine. But it wont make a scan. Where to look for solutions?

I am running Xfce Manjaro 21, on a 4.19.183 kernel. New install.

Well, there’s yer problem! It’s a printer, not a scanner.

Ok, ok. I’ll let myself out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Installation of the printer/scanner didnt go flawlessly, but I got the printer function installed with the HP device manager. (I didnt use CUPS, nor did I find out how to activate it, by the way…)

HP-uiscan does not work though and I cant find any settings for it either.Is there a seperate settings menu for HP-uiscan somewhere?
Should I perhaps install another scanning program? I have read about another user who did just that, but to no avail…

Not sure of this helps but I use the default gnome document scanner that works in a pinch or xsane when I need to fiddle with more options. I have installed the manjaro-printer meta package and it just workstm (That was a pleasant surprise, I’m used to hours of troubleshooting to get cheap print/scanner solutions to work)

Your mileage may vary, a good resource if not already looked over is this page:

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I have a hp envy pro 6400 ,printing worked fine out of the box. For scanning I use simple scan (think it’s a mint package) but uiscan works as well. I used to have problems with my firewall blocking the scanner when I was running mint so might be worth checking your firewall

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Pretty easy, look in the manjaro wiki:

> sudo systemctl enable --now cups.service
> sudo systemctl enable --now cups.socket
> sudo systemctl enable --now cups.path


Edits: when you install hplip in pamac it asks you if you want to install a couple of dependencies, one of them is the driver or program for hp scanner and or fax. Didnt try it yet but it may help you…

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What about simple-scan?

Was mentioned a couple of times in the forum…

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I know the tested device is not the same - but I assume the base functionality is mostly equal

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Thanks for all the offered advice. Really helpful. What a great forum! My solution: I installed “document scanner 40.0” (which is also called simple-scan) and my scanner got recognized instantly. Hurrah! :grinning:

I could simply and easily, search and install the “document scanner” in the add/remove software section.

Endnote: I forgot to mention in my first post that I only connect my printer through an usb cable and not via a network. Perhaps that connection info is noteworthy for other users who encounter a similar problem like me…


I cannot scan with a hp mfp 281 neither with simple-scan neither xsane.

Using simple-scan I get this error in console trying to scan:

(simple-scan:10259): Gtk-WARNING **: 16:43:50.361: Calling org.xfce.Session.Manager.Inhibit failed: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: Metodo ?Inhibit? inesistente

I think this is due to a permissions error but I cannot understand how to solve it.

xsane only gives an error trying to scan.

I am on a raspberry pi400 and simple-scan works fine in a amd64 with the same scanner

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