Can not install Manjaro KDE. Calamares error

I try to install Manjaro KDE and Calamares starts to count and it goes on until 1400 seconds… I can’t install it. Hope anyone can help.

Note: Hope to see Manjaro chooses Anaconda installer in later versions.

Nope …
Make sure you disable Secure Boot and Fast Boot. The SATA controller set it to AHCI. Also make sure you check the ISO after downloading it.

Secure Boot was disabled. But “Fast Boot” was not. I turned “Fast Boot” to “disabled”. SATA is “AHCI”. Result is the same. Waiting so long. Fedora KDE uses Anaconda installer. And i can install it. But Manjaro’s Calamares doesn’t work for me. Manjaro was working for me before :frowning:

Could you try to run calamares from the terminal with -d argument and show the log please?

I decided to install Manjaro KDE with the next version.

What does that mean?

Did you fix the existing issue?

Did you just use a newer ISO?

Do you mean you decided to use Testing or Unstable, instead of Stable?

Well, I had downloaded the ISO using torrent. dd 'ed and formatted the usb drive and burned the ISO into it and installed using the same without much of a hassle - UEFI install with home in separate hard drive. The only thing I did while installing is I didnot connect to internet whilst installing the Operating System ( I had too much of an issue with previous installs with different GNU/Linux OS while distro hopping ). No no issues here. Using Manjaro Stable KDE

I can’t install Manjaro or any other distros which has Calamares. So i decided to try another distro.

1400 seconds and still waiting.

But earlier you wrote:

I read this to mean that you were able to successfully install Manjaro KDE?

No i didnt mean that. If Manjaro choose Anaconda installer i could install it.

What if instead you provided what you were asked for in post 4.

I’m not a pro user :frowning:

I don’t like Calamares.

I don’t know why but i installed Manjaro. Heard of there is a new version of Calamares. Thnx to everyone who fix this.

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